Forever Young - Happiness at 30



Yesterday She was a girl, Today She is a woman.
Like a wildebeest migration each year, Time again has come.

Somehow this year's crossing felt different, so she stopped at the edge of the Life river,
nostalgic of leaving behind what she knew, fearful of the unknown ahead.

How funny she once thought this time would never arrive or was millions of nights away! Where did the day go? She stood still, powerless at the echo of all the things she had yet to do.
That's when it struck her.

The encouraging signs of those surrounding her, the lovely memories of her experiences and reminders of the things she had accomplished eventually reached her consciousness.
She felt a warm hug enveloping her and a beautiful creature was standing beside her, reaching for her hand.

And so she jumped! the sound of a sweet voice caressing her ear.

Enlightened once she reached the other side, she turned back.
How amusing it now felt to have almost shed a tear!
When there was so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.

She recounted her blessings and felt grateful to be alive and well.
She finally made a mental note to thank everyone who had accompanied her thus far:

To my parents who gave me the gift of Life,

To my mother whose experience taught me determination, resilience and strength

To that boss and colleagues who inspire(d) and teach me on the daily

To my family and friends whose achievements, words and actions encourage me constantly

To the special creature by my side, part human, wholly superhero, who share my heart, uplift my soul and make our reality a fearless dream

To all of the people, past, present and future who help shape the woman I am destined to be

To all of you who continuously help turn the Long Life river into an ocean of sweetness.

I thank you... from the very bottom of my heart.

til next crossing...


The kudu in me


Happy 30th birthday to me!!


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