Dream house cont'd...

I guess I must have a thing for marble as I'm totally smitten with this Small kitchen  with very Big impact

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Coucou all

and welcome back to SammyFaces!

Fall has fallen upon us and  here are the few things I have been loving as of late

Workwear  (for the corporate ladies)
From board/client meeting to gallery opening

Casual work day

Weekend chill

Date night

As you can see as the temperature keeps dropping, my craving for all things grey, black or blue - increases :-)

Truth is I always try to convince myself that I need happier colours in my fall/winter wardrobe, however in reality nothing makes me happier than grey and neutrals

These days for clothing I am really lusting over the new collection at The Fold London and TheOutnet selection for workwear (in addition to the gems at my favourite High street Zara, Mango and Jcrew).

As for accessories, I am literally obsessed by anything beige or caramel including this revisited (and most sought after) Chanel sandals and the Ralph Lauren Medium Soft Ricky bag.

So what are you buying and wearing this Fall?

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If I was allowed to dream....

My dream house would be a classic stone house with a modern touch. Picture a stone house (French Provencal style)  meets South African Capetown style at the back....wink wink

It would be neither too big , nor too small but rightly sized for my future family. I would have a  spare room for potential guest, as well as some personal space for my hubby and  I. My interior would have a mix of Midcentury/French style with minimalist Scandinavian flair (whatever that means...). Finally a terrace overlooking a not too well manicured cute garden* and a tiny pool would complete the outdoors.

If I was to describe my house I would say luminous,  classic, modern, warm and inviting

If I was allowed to dream, I would even add a view over mountains and/ or a lake.

If I was allowed to dream, I would make my dream come true :-)

So how would you describe your dream house?

Wishing you a great and "dreamy" week ahead....

Thank you so much for reading

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* Needless to say I would rely on my dearest partner to work on it because if it was for me ....well... let's just say a jungle would soon form...> insert who's got time for that? face

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