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In this week's High street chic with "subtle" designer hints... Mango's new collection takes the trophy!
As usual the accessories section in particular is full of inspiration from the "hit" designers of the moment and... are clearly worthy of a Save vs Splurge feature.

As in...Say Whaaaaat?  Would you Save or splurge ?

Clicky Clicky here and see for y'all selves
Mango (Gucci) shoes; Mango (Dior) shoes; Mango ( Gucci) bag;  Mango (Gucci) boots;  Mango (Celine) earrings.

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That finishing touch!

In other random life update -  Time and life outside of work has been sunken into finding the finishing touches to turn our new house into our dream home. So YES we made some huge  progress BUT NO we are not there yet.... meaning you will still find me drooling at everything and anything on pinterest or houzz in between 12.30 and 12.45pm most days. and today was a good day for:

This dining room is EVERYTHING !!!!

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Coucouuuuu all

And welcome back to SammyFaces!

Dresses really are my goto clothing when comes summer , that is when it's really hot and not raining and cold (ahem ahem...British summer anyone?)

So from casual to occasion wear (hello wedding season), please find here under a selection of my favorite picks which include anything with lace, more lace, cold-shoulder, more cold shoulder, silk, more silk and anything flowy air breathing, sweat minimizing kinda dresses ;-)
And for those of you who follow my IG page , hopefully you will even recognize a few that I recently wore!

Btw did I mention some of them are still available on sale !
Say whaaaaaaaaat? now go ahead and clicky clicky all links below....and thank me later!

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From top by colour , left to right

White Flower dress ; White lace dress;  Boho dressWhite dress; Jcrew short dress; long AQAQ
Baby blue: lace dress; Asos lace dress; long baby blue dress; Jcrew babyblue dress; AQAQ
Black/Navy blue: M&S collar dress; deep V black dress; navy blue flowy dress; short blue dress; Long wedding dress
Tutti frutti: midi parrot dress; short dress; midi dress; AQAQ; M&S; KMillen
Orange/Reds:  AQAQ dress;  lace dress; Red dress ; Lace dress; YAS red dress