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Never ending list of to-dos - check
Running after so many different things - check
Starting to feel uneasy and overwhelmed - check
Runs around in circles and looses sight opriorities - check

Pause. Breathe deeply

Clearly I haven't yet mastered that zen attitude...  and on days when stress levels spike to 100, I had to find better ways to cope other than indulging on anything chocolate.

Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, feeling kinda busy, kinda low in energy and close to sinking under waterkeep reading on for I am sharing five simple tricks that have truly helped me catch a breadth and stay upbeat (and afloat) during hectic days.


Because music really is the quickest medicine for happinessmmmm ok food may come close second but ahem...anyway go on and pick those songs that bring up great memories. As the brain works in wondrous ways listening to that song will surely put a smile on your face in a split seconddancing and humming along.
Needless to say othose long winter days where I need extra motivation, you'll catch me singing whilst getting ready in the morning, or on my way to/from work.
My morning music picks include anything by  Rihanna,  Afro beats , and George Michael 's Flawless (Very effectiveBtw warning some videos are NOT appropriate for work)

When comes the evening and your head is feeling heavy– you may go for something more soothing. For me that'd be either classical music (who am I kidding?!?), it's got to be AdeleAlicia Keys, Sam Smith etc. or something sexy like Beyonce ballads (Halo, Love on top) or Barry White on repeat 

Oand anytime my spirit needs it,  Tasha Cobbs voice is heaven sent!


II can't sneak in an impromptu spa* after work, a herbal bath (or shower) with a lovely scented candle by my side (you may include a cup of tea or a nice drink) will do wonders to relax and calm me down after a long busy day.
Some times for that extra pick me up, I'll even pretend I'm a beauty guru in my head, add a facial mask or even put some nail polish and tada! 30mns of self love and self care that makes me feel better.

To that end you may consider adding to your cabinet thisthis and this or this.  Thank me later!

Think sitting cross legged, breathing heavily or listening to  Headspace is not for you?
Well I think anything that requires being present and unplug the agitated mind - be it cooking, playing an instrument, practicing yoga – can really clears up your mind, uplift your spirit and make you feel more at peace. So is having a picture on your office desk as a reminder of a sweet memory to escape to for 2 minutes. As a matter of fact, these are all intended to be extension of a practice of mindfulness, which will not only help you relax but also bring in more focus.  So you should really give that breathing count a try during the day but also in the evening as this can put you right into sleep mode.

4. READING (books!)

Yes Books give me life! and No reading a cute story oan ipad or scrolling through instagram feeds of inspirational quotes won't do it after a long day staring at all kinds of screens
So I'll sit comfortably on a chair or in my bed, grab (yet another) cup of tea /infusion, and read an uplifting and inspiring story thus immersing myself into a new reality (or fiction?) for a short while.

Recently I've been reading Elena Ferranteany self help/ motivational book I can put my hands on and I'd even go back to my all time reads** from time to time (they are that good so I highly recommend). And whilst we are at it, I just ordered these 2 books and I cant wait to read them!
 Behold the dreamers by Imbolo Mbue  and Swing Time by Zadie Smith

5. SPONTANEOUS FUand maybe a little trea;-)

Saying YES to that impromptu date,  grabbing drinks afterwork in a gorgeous hotel setting or that quick catchup call with a loved one in between meetings can put a smile right back on my face.
And so is treating myself with any satisfactory multisensory experience such as a delicious meal or lovely flowers.

So here you have it, I hope this will be useful and will help turn a hectic week into something more enjoyable. And if all things fail, eat that chocolate!
Any suggestions? Sharing is caring so please don’t hesitate to comment in the box below.

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 * Suggestions for London Paris, New York and Geneva baby!
** I still swear by anything from Paulo Coelho or Chimamanda Adichie for those inspiring stories that also give me the urge to write

Be kind,

When you wake up and you realise you slept in
Be kind,
When you run for your bus and arrive two little seconds too late.
Breathe in. Next bus will be there in 5 mm.
Be kind,
When the person standing next to you pushes through the door to grab the last available seat.
Be kind,
When you feel like everyone on the street is against you, slowing down or worse stopping randomly in front of you when you want to walk past

Be kind,
When you run to arrive at work just in time for your meeting, to find out  your boss had cancelled it...30mns ago. You try to catch your breadth and pretend you needed that morning cardio.
Be kind,
When your boss tells you at the last minute he wants you to take a two-hour  train to attend a one hour meeting out of town. You wonder - How does that even make sense? Why can't you dial-in a conference call? Why you?

Be kind,
When you get to the meeting only to find out that half of the discussion is in German, a language you do not speak, nor had the intention to learn.
Be kind,
when the train on the way back is delayed and you start to believe it must be a curse  for the day couldn't get any worse

Be kind,
When your mum sends you a spam email chain and it said she had to send it to 3 people and somehow she always sends those to you
Be kind,
When you mum send you yet another viral video, and sometime the same one she had sent you a week ago because it really is that funny. or so she thinks.

Be kind,
When your friend texts you something that doesn't make sense to you and you want to tell them the f*** truth but you had a bad day... so probably not a great idea
Be kind,
When you need an answer to your most  URGENT question and they just won't reply. all you want is to scream - WTF is she doing!? 

Be kind
When your train finally arrives and you end up pushing that mum in the stroller to get on that jam-packed train. Some folks will roll eyes at you but really you don't care because you don't know when the next one will come.
Be kind,
And smile at that little baby in its stroller in between cries and screams. The mother smiles back at you and thanks you with teary eyes and only now you realize the exhaustion sign of the bags underneath them,
The train stops.You help that lady lift her stroller and mind the gap on the way out.
Be kind,
not least because everyone is fighting a battle  you don't know but also because no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.


Be kinder,
When you arrive home late to find your husband with a smile on his face and an extra glass of red wine for you. You had forgotten how cute he was.

Be kinder,
When you sit on the sofa and you start telling him about your horrible day but he interrupts you with hugs and sweet kisses, and all you want now is a little bit more...
Be kinder,
When you stand up and notice two little red stains on the sofa. What's that?
Wait? it's on your skirt too!?!? OMG. WTH? WHO HAS SEEN THIS????

You are upset but you both laugh for it all makes sense now.

Be kind to yourself. Always. And Be kinder today,
For it wasn't a bad day after all, it was just that kind of day...


till next time

-S, with love

PS: this post may or may not be inspired by real life events.
PPS: Now you tell me - Shall I add poet to my CV or what?