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My June 30th birthday is not only a reminder that half the year has gone but also kicks off weddings season and... retail summer sales!!

I've talked about my ongoing closet challenge here so I hope it wont come as a surprise that I keep an eye on what's out there in case some items on my target list are discounted.

After sharing my latest purchases for Spring, I wanted to share another round of lust items I am currently contemplating, mixed with some good classics.

As it turns out this year I'm all about dresses,  some earrings and more dresses. I have also been on a hunt for tan and gold mid-heel sandals, linen pants and a few neutral accessories here and there.

Here below I am sharing some of my favourite picks for this summer and most of them are on sales. yayyyy.

If you follow my IG- hopefully you'd recognize some of these and as I am writing I may or may not have added a few more to my shopping cart  :-)

That Sandro red dress - because I'm obsessed with everything that looks remotely like an Alaia dress but without the price tag ;-) -  I wore this for my birthday dinner with a simple belt.

Topshop peplum white jacket - It is very light hence perfect for spring/summer and I am wearing it almost every  day -  sold out on Topshop website but still available on Nordstrom ;-); and I am currently considering this blush one as well.

Summer wrap and shirt dresses - I have confessed my love for shirtdresses before and my favourite this summer is this sleeveless pink sateen dress (is it even a shirt dress?) by none other than the Spaniard Zara. I honestly love this dress so much (hello buttons and pockets!!) that I am considering lobbying aka spamming Zara's Instagram account for the exact same in other colours; alternatively this simple white shirtdress  is all I could live in too; and whilst this green one and this paisley dress are very summery, this black dress or this one would be great staple pieces for all seasons.

Maxi dresses- this H&M pleated black dress  and this white one  are so easy to wear for weekend and casual summer parties.

The perfect White jeans - finally found mine at Mango - Get them and thank me later!

WHBM blazer dress - paired with this "Alaia"-esque belt would elevate anyone to the rank of a Michelle Obama or Olivia Pope.

Maxmara everything - first can we talk about this trench dress (now sold out) or even better yet this white dress -  because thanks to the new Duchess Meghan, broad shouldered ladies like me are finally having a moment ;-); next is this one (another wrap dress I know but they have THE best ones); in fact I would be ready to buy the whole dress collection on sale from this black dress to  this silk strapless one or this red number, yep everything! because the greatest thing with Maxmara is you are always sure to get that whole effortless chic look covered. yep always.

Something red - because we all need a little red dress during summer to make that melanin or sun tan pop -  this one by Mango or this one from Bash are my top choices.

Pastel colours - I like this Fold blue dress and  everyone's favourite Belleville top in blush pink.

Sandals of course - summer sandals you can wear for any occasion - black here,  here and here, brown  here, here and here; tan here and here, beige here and gold here

Roger Vivier -  because classic and so comfortable that buying a pair or two  on sale is always a good idea!

That's it for now...

Many thanks for reading and Happy shopping!

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and welcome back to Sammy faces!!!

The truth is I am not a winter person and sunny days are what I need to feel like myself again, well that and some time off to sleep, recharge, enjoy my own company, read and be inspired to write, and most importantly excited to shop again.

And shopping I certainly did  (insert hiding eyes monkey emoji) with Spring/summer collections being my favourite seasons. Beside, before you ask me what happened to the closet streamlining efforts, well believe it or not but all my recent purchases actually helped me fill  gaps I had identified in my wardrobe including these flattering white/ivory trousers  and white jeans that don't make me look like a whale ;-) , and some nice neutral and caramel accessories to break from the black and grey I mostly have.

Because sharing is caring, below are my top Spring picks  - including my latest buys -which I believe would be great additions to any classic and curated closet.

Clicky clicky for details...>>>

Sandro bags - Haley GMLou - so simple yet perfect neutral
Sezane Deva Tshirt - for understated elegance and my new favourite to wear under blazer with trousers or a skirt. oh and that sexy back!!!
Mango - jumpsuit for that Indiana Jones look; and THE best white skinny trousers 
Topshop peplum jacket - very light and perfect for spring and summer
H&M - earrings to elevate the most basic looks
Zara- Chanelesque shoes and  jacket,  YSL like flats, fine knit - because Zara...

There you have it.  Stay tuned for more shopping picks for spring/summer workwear,
I am still on a path to find balance I tell you but boy I'm soooo happy to be back !

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...Warming up by the fireplace in a cosy chalet...
This must definitely be the best way to survive winter and especially those February blues alongside these few tricks.

Good news is after winter must come spring so "only" a few weeks to go.

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