If I was allowed to dream....

My dream house would be a classic stone house with a modern touch. Picture a stone house (French Provencal style)  meets South African Capetown style at the back....wink wink

It would be neither too big , nor too small but rightly sized for my future family. I would have a  spare room for potential guest, as well as some personal space for my hubby and  I. My interior would have a mix of Midcentury/French style with minimalist Scandinavian flair (whatever that means...). Finally a terrace overlooking a not too well manicured cute garden* and a tiny pool would complete the outdoors.

If I was to describe my house I would say luminous,  classic, modern, warm and inviting

If I was allowed to dream, I would even add a view over mountains and/ or a lake.

If I was allowed to dream, I would make my dream come true :-)

So how would you describe your dream house?

Wishing you a great and "dreamy" week ahead....

Thank you so much for reading

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* Needless to say I would rely on my dearest partner to work on it because if it was for me ....well... let's just say a jungle would soon form...> insert who's got time for that? face

Source: various on pinterest, houzz.com and desiretoinspire.net

Who: Me myself and I, jumping as always

Where: Beautiful Castell son Claret in Mallorca, Spain...sigh...this place literally stole my heart

Why: Keeping my sunny memories of this past weekend up close  ahead of a rainy week

Hope you had a great weekend. Wishing you an even greater week ahead


till next time


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whatcha say yay or nay?

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