Chloe is back!

And me likey...
After a few tough seasons, Clare Waight Keller (3rd designer following departure of Phoebe Philo) has finally revived the label's "it factor" thanks to its boho meets trending 70s vibe, gladiator sandals aaaaand its uber cute Drew (round) and Faye (square) bags, which are being featured everywhere from magazines to blogosphere...

See for yourself ...

they come in so many colours there's got to be a Chloe bag for everyone
I'm personally in love with the grey Drew bag but that'd be one small grey bag too many after I got this one.

Save vs Splurge?
Like the style but prefer to save?
Sadly the secret Chloe outlet shop in Paris is being threatened to close (ha! signs of recovery...?), but thankfully you can still find some Chloe inspiration on the high street. just a few below.




Gotta love the 70s trend!

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the French say: En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait
I say:  When in May, do as your heart say... 

Say hello to a stranger, dance in the street, own your life, eat a slice of pizza, sing your heart out, take a morning bath, eat frozen yoghurt, jump on your sofa, tell her/tell him I love you, stay late in bed, go somewhere you've never been, learn something new, read a new book, read some more, let go of your doubts and fears, be kinder to yourself, do a juice cleanse,  kiss like you never did before, learn how to cook, call friends and tell them a secret, sleep 10 hours, take a yoga class, clean your closet, pause and breathe, eat strawberries, smile from within, have a cold soup, drink sangria, jump of joy, run as fast as you can, be your own best friend, dream big,  laugh out loud, have a massage...with happy ending...


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Who: Me myself and I

Where: Yvoire, somewhere between France and Switzerland

What: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. 

Why: After moving from London, UK to Geneva Switzerland (!!!), I am still adjusting to my new life (and new job) one day at a time.
Just like entering a new book chapter, I do turn back sometimes to reread some old pages that brought me lots of joy  and that helps me get back into the story flow again, like a sweet reminder of where I'm heading next.  
I know it's only a matter of a "few pages" until I shall find my new balance again.
Meanwhile I  enjoy the journey, that is every second spent with the one that makes my heart sing "Happy"....

till next time


ps: I previously posted this picture 2 years ago whilst I was still living in London. Time surely flies