Be kind,

When you wake up and you realise you slept in
Be kind,
When you run for your bus and arrive two little seconds too late.
Breathe in. Next bus will be there in 5 mm.
Be kind,
When the person standing next to you pushes through the door to grab the last available seat.
Be kind,
When you feel like everyone on the street is against you, slowing down or worse stopping randomly in front of you when you want to walk past

Be kind,
When you run to arrive at work just in time for your meeting, to find out  your boss had cancelled it...30mns ago. You try to catch your breadth and pretend you needed that morning cardio.
Be kind,
When your boss tells you at the last minute he wants you to take a two-hour  train to attend a one hour meeting out of town. You wonder - How does that even make sense? Why can't you dial-in a conference call? Why you?

Be kind,
When you get to the meeting only to find out that half of the discussion is in German, a language you do not speak, nor had the intention to learn.
Be kind,
when the train on the way back is delayed and you start to believe it must be a curse  for the day couldn't get any worse

Be kind,
When your mum sends you a spam email chain and it said she had to send it to 3 people and somehow she always sends those to you
Be kind,
When you mum send you yet another viral video, and sometime the same one she had sent you a week ago because it really is that funny. or so she thinks.

Be kind,
When your friend texts you something that doesn't make sense to you and you want to tell them the f*** truth but you had a bad day... so probably not a great idea
Be kind,
When you need an answer to your most  URGENT question and they just won't reply. all you want is to scream - WTF is she doing!? 

Be kind
When your train finally arrives and you end up pushing that mum in the stroller to get on that jam-packed train. Some folks will roll eyes at you but really you don't care because you don't know when the next one will come.
Be kind,
And smile at that little baby in its stroller in between cries and screams. The mother smiles back at you and thanks you with teary eyes and only now you realize the exhaustion sign of the bags underneath them,
The train stops.You help that lady lift her stroller and mind the gap on the way out.
Be kind,
not least because everyone is fighting a battle  you don't know but also because no act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.


Be kinder,
When you arrive home late to find your husband with a smile on his face and an extra glass of red wine for you. You had forgotten how cute he was.

Be kinder,
When you sit on the sofa and you start telling him about your horrible day but he interrupts you with hugs and sweet kisses, and all you want now is a little bit more...
Be kinder,
When you stand up and notice two little red stains on the sofa. What's that?
Wait? it's on your skirt too!?!? OMG. WTH? WHO HAS SEEN THIS????

You are upset but you both laugh for it all makes sense now.

Be kind to yourself. Always. And Be kinder today,
For it wasn't a bad day after all, it was just that kind of day...


till next time

-S, with love

PS: this post may or may not be inspired by real life events.
PPS: Now you tell me - Shall I add poet to my CV or what?
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Coucou all,  and welcome back to SammyFaces!

Soooooo I never expected it....

Waking up to see on my screen -4°C  with temperatures oscillating between low -8° to High -2°C on the day. The cold truth hit me. Welcome to serious winterland!

As someone who is not genetically programmed, nor prepared for subzero weather, the recent freezing temperatures coupled with the "windiest" wind would have normally left me a) begging for mercy  b) on a hibernated sick leave  c) falling apart from dry skin, back and neck pain, cold hands, repeated flu, you name it  d) all of the above.

But surprisingly few weeks have passed and here I am, half a smile on my face and I'm still standing (open interlude. Start dancing and singing  "I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah*"  Gosh I love this song. I digress. End interlude)

So leaving aside the usual advice of flu shots (**never ever again), layering and more layering (wait ever heard of layering gloves with these too?), I am happy to share the Top 3 things that helped me skip the flu and survive the winter so far.

Winter saviours I tell you. Ready?

1.Gibaud thermal wool belt

I know you probably thinking WTF?!? this sounds and looks like a granny orthopaedics belt. Well yes it is but beside keeping my fragile back in check (story for another day) it also keeps me warm AF (look I just said the F word twice in the same sentence, I am THAT excited?!?).
Beside, for those still on a post holiday diet I'm pretty sure it can double as waist trainer or help with portion control if you take it one or two sizes smaller. Miracle I tell you!

Aren't these just cuuuute? Options here,  here  or here

2. Vitamins C and D
Yep with reduced day light during winter season, increasing your intake in vitamins C and D through food and/or supplements can only do your body good. I started just before Christmas (Team Berocca here but any brand works I guess). And whilst I have yet to try light therapy / luminotherapy, I am officially hooked on Vitamin C tablets. One tablet a day keeps the flu away, and my energy is baaaaangiiing.  Thank me later for this!

3. Heavy Duty coats

Of course a winter post is not complete without a coat or two! See I thought I had plenty of coats but quickly came to the realization that none of them could do the job for the foolery that is winter in Switzerland. So at the very last minute I took the opportunity of a colleague's work trip to get a duvet/parka coat from the now ubiquitous Canada Goose  brand (attractive price in CAD I may add). I went for this style which does the job perfectly, in the sense that one can probably wear nothing but the aforementioned wool belt with this coat and would still be warm if one is crazy yet daring....
And whilst I'm very happy with it, I probably would've considered the below options with more time on my hand:
    a. A 100% wool coat or with the highest content of wool, angora, cashmere, or Apalca (that fluffy warmth)  
    b. A Duvet / Padded/ Down coat
    c. A Shearling coat

Below a selection of coats that I LOOOVE and some of them are even on sale YAAAY!!!

From top,  (l) to (r)
SandroParis x2 , Woolrich, Ted Baker
Gerard Darel x 2, Maxmara, Maxmara
COS, Puffa Moncler, Joseph

Soooo now I would love to hear - how do you stay warm and well this winter?

Till next time


*  Elton John. Born in the 80s. No judgement.
**Years ago I tried a flu shot and let's just say I almost thought I would die because of the WORST FLU of my life

Coucou all and welcome back to Sammyfaces!

First of all a very Happy, healthy and peaceful New Year 2017 to y'all.

Long time no see, you might say? way long due time for a catch-up!

Back at it with so many questions in my head and some answers on my hand.

To blog or not to blog?
The sempiternal question. On repeat.
In between moving countries or to our new place, work travels and other personal commitments; on days when I'm catching up with life, family, friends yet still find myself spending a scary amount of time on Instagram.
Do I still have anything left to say? I wonder. Do you fear over sharing with insta stories and the likes? actually with insta-anything do people still find time to read blogs ? does anyone still read your blog anyway? Wait if people didn't read blogs what about the ever growing does that count as blogging too?  Has the word 'blog' lost its appeal? or has it only started to be real? for it is now a chosen career path for many (and some success stories at it!) and a way to make a decent living for a few.
Let's step back for a moment.
Why did you blog in the first place?
Where? How? When? Remember?
2011. I was living in London, single lady, 100% working girl, having survived 3.5 years working as an investment banking M&A Analyst after graduating school. I had just got a promotion to Associate woohoo!! I was saving money and spending it on things I thought I desperately needed with no time to enjoy them. With a longstanding love for designer things (Yes I was born this way) I could finally afford things I loooved and was gradually building my Carrie Bradshaw-esque wardrobe with my every woman must haves: Chanel bag check, Cartier watch check, painful but pretty Louboutin shoes check, Hermes bag OMG I need one....

(>insert Kanye West voice - single black female addicted to retail)

I was proud, I was an independent woman and I was happy mostly under alcohol influence.
I was tired and exhausted and  miserable.
I felt lonely in a sea of equally ambitious men and women.

I needed a RESET.
I was no longer satisfied with the recurring allnighters, weekends of sleeping all day to recover and the occasional yet predictable Saturday clubbing followed by yet more sleepless nights during the week. I had lost the drive for another year of sweat for that bonus.

I wasn't quite sure if I still liked my job enough to go on with the sacrifice of hobbies and quality time with friends and family. I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to quit that well paid job, go scubadiving in the middle of Costa Rica (I can't dive anyway) or become a yoga teacher or whatever I perceived a better paid yet equally tiring job in private equity or hedge fund as some of my peers. I wasn't quite sure if  there was any other job in the corporate world which could allow me to travel and challenge me intellectually. I had managed to stick around during the tough years so what if I was good at it ? I needed a place to pour in all those emotions and conflicting desires, the constant chatter in my head, of a young professional girl gradually becoming the woman I no longer recognised. I wanted to take back control of who I was, and where I was going, what I liked, what I didn't like, my wants and needs and  the self love and appreciation that had gone missing for too long. I wanted to dream again, I wanted to feel great again, just like the bubbly, driven, carefree, life loving and once upon a time slender girl I was after university.

I needed a break and fortunately a break is what I got in the form of two amazing months in NY to tutor those who just like me 3 years before them, had chosen to embark into a career in finance at the Bank.

And that's how  I started this blog as a diary, a place to write down my inspirations, my man crushes, thoughts of the moment, a white canva to paint on everything and anything of my liking and a collection of pictures that soon I would go back to. What a journey I'd say- looking back  into memory lane to see how my taste in everything  fashion, music, food, basically how my life had evolved over time. However I didn't want anyone to know about this blog - God forbid anyone at work- so I kept it for myself. Deep down  there was this silly thought that being a banker and having a blog didn't go well together, and could make me pass for "unprofessional". After all I was supposed to dedicate my life and soul to my job and blogging, as it turned out demanded lot of time too! and so blogging became a hobby during that work free summer in NY.

That summer, I discovered so much about myself writing and reading other blogs,  filling and feeding my creative soul. That summer I started breathing again and meditating without even knowing I was meditating.
That summer I found selflove and found a way back to myself again.
So why did I stop blogging?
Coming back to London. I had a new found energy and a new position that allowed me (with the great help and use of some more juniors at work) to find time to somehow continue writing. But as more and more blogs poured in, skinny models turned beauty gurus, fashion bloggers turned entrepreneurs, or  fashionistas with lovely pictures turned into brand ambassadors, I realised there was something that was indeed worth pursuing to the extent you have the time to dedicate yourself to it. But time is what I scarcely had,  nor did I have the photogeny to take it to the same level. I also hadn't quite found a "niche" in between beauty, fashion, travels etc... and why would I care if no one but me was reading anyway? There was no way I could get the required audience to make this hobby and my profound love for fashion yes, but also travels and everything basically, into something a bit more "serious". So slowly but surely I drifted to the occasional posts in between work, travels and living in between 2 cities.
Fast forward and my blog became less frequent writing mixed with a convenient repository of pictures to inspire my daily life choices be it travels, fitness, foodhome décor or fashion.

Now what?
And questions kept coming back. Why go on? when will you find the time?
Until it hit me hard and clear: Reset priorities.

Truth is I missed writing more than I missed "blogging" and just like reading and watching Netflix, or Instagram, writing is a hobby that I still enjoy. I never intended to become a fashion blogger, but I always wanted to blog about all the random things that I like and coming back to read what I was up to months or years before. So here I am again,  enjoying that creative spur on a bright yet chilly Sunday afternoon. A day I have chosen to give it another try and to keep blogging with some purpose for as long as it gives me joy (from time to time) even if that means putting the efforts into writing for no reader, well technically at least one single reader-myself  :)

What do I want to write about?  what would people want to read?
2017. Consider this a period of transition, as I'm torn in between quality and quantity, pouring my heart out or keeping it short and sweet, sharing things a bit deep and personal (am I truly the only one reading?) or keeping it light and fun. Yes it will be tempting and easy to continue leaning on the insta for the "efficiency" and that is fine too. And if my below Instagram best nines are of any indication, the lovely people who choose to 'follow' would like to see relationships, travels, and some fashion but mostly they would like to see me, or is it just a reflection of what I have myself chosen to share?

2017. Here I am again, now living in my work in progress home in Geneva, a little bit wiser, a little less single and I want this year of "questionable" blogging to be about personal growth, from things I wish I knew 5, 10 or 15 years ago to things I'm discovering and still learning everyday at work, at home, through my marriage, my friendships, and introspectively through myself.

2017. Somehow I still got lot to tell but not everything at the same time. And I'm very thankful to you, yes little kind soul still reading these lines, who might be a little bit inspired along the way. I also still got lot to show my future older self or my old younger self, the many faces of me...
For a little less than 2 years ago, I moved from London, a city that had become home to Geneva, a city I'm growing into with the help of my love, changing jobs in the process, from investment banking to corporate finance (ha major change I tell you!).
For a year now I embarked on a Marie Kondo type of journey to shop more wisely and build wardrobe capsules for work and play and trust me I haven't reached the destination...
For 6 months now I moved into our new place and everything home related have taken over my life, with its fair share of marriage threatening choices and decisions  ;-)

So I hope to share some of these topics and more with you all...

2017. Day 15. How time flies. Let's continue to love and be kind, to read and travel more, to inspire and be inspired, to be healthy, to meditate and generally appreciate what my body allows me to see and experience thus far.  Let's also continue to dream big, think bigger and enjoy all the beautiful things that makes life worth living...

2017. Let's make it a great one!

till next time

-S, with love