SFab prose: Remember this summer...


This is the summer...

This is the summer I stayed away from home for so long yet never felt homesick.
This is the summer I hated the ridiculous humid heat for the 1st time in my life.

This is the summer I met more people than I've ever had in the last year. 
With these people I now count as friends, I ate, drunk and partied so much my body couldn't take it anymore, ached and asked for a much needed rest...

This is the summer I cried over the phone with a friend I love so much yet have shown so little at times. This is the summer I wish I could be there when she needs me and every other day when she doesn't.
This is the summer I hated not being there for my goddaughter the way I'd always dreamed of.

This is the summer I felt the need to apologise to all the friends I've alienated over the years because of two words called work and laziness. I promised myself to be a better friend and I hoped you'd take me back. 

This is the summer I felt grateful for all the opportunities my work has given me and sat back proud of who I was but slightly scared of the unknown of what I would become.

This is the summer all my friends, old and new, as well as my colleagues made every single day and surely every single night feel so special. Quality time it has been! from serial partying to spending the day talking, shopping or eating yummy food after a hangover  ^_^ 

This is the summer I read and slept more in 2 weeks than I've ever had over the past months.
This is the summer I danced like there was no tomorrow, and screamed on each song like I meant it: "yes we could've had it aaaaalll"; "who's gonna saaaave the wooorld toniiiiight?" ;"For all we know there might not be tomorrow, let's do it tonight!"

This is the summer I stopped worrying about getting older- for I'm pretty sure I see almost the same girl in the mirror everyday - one day at a time.
This is the summer I saw the power of women who have been gifted with generous assets and wished for a second I had the same until I realised there must be hidden liabilities for them to balance. This is the summer I stared at myself naked in front of a mirror and loved everything I saw, extra cheeks and all.

This is the summer I discovered a country blessed with landscapes so beautiful and met people so friendly I thought it must have been a door to heaven. There I made friends everywhere I went, experienced moments so passionate I wished I would never have to leave Mejico.

This is the summer my dad lost his best friend, father of 2 teen twin girls, whom I had seen a few months ago when I was back home. That day and all the ones that followed, I missed my dad so much I wish I could tell him how much I love him more often, flaws and all.

This is the summer I sat in a beautiful church and wept in front of the statue of a virgin named Carmen. There I prayed for all people in need, and also for my brother, my sisters, my parents and their friend's family as well as for all my extended family and friends. From those in the process of achieving their dreams to all of those who just experienced the immense joy of giving birth, or are expecting at times with apprehension.

This is the summer I realised i could connect with someone so strongly after only 2 days.
This is the summer I met so many beautiful people I couldn't believe my eyes. Likewise this summer I was told that I'm beautiful so many times I had to start believe it. 

This is the summer I realised the power of a will, or how we can achieve things and get what we hope for if we want it strongly enough. 

This is the summer I felt forever thankful I have met and known all of you in my life and grateful that our path may continue to cross in the future.  For all the great moments I've lived this summer, I feel blessed and as such I wanted to share with you my blessings.

This is the summer I've gathered more than plenty of great memories to take home with me
This is the summer I finally can't wait to get home, rested and a smile on my face
This is the summer I'll always remember as one of the best I've ever had
This is the summer I fell in love... with myself that is

Yours truly


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  1. Dear Sammy,

    May "this summer" never end... Keep up the passion and the courage!

    Love ya!