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Coucou all and welcome back to SammyFaces,

You might have guessed by now that I'm passionate about fashion and corporate fashion in particular; what you may not know is that I'm equally passionate about women empowerment.

As more and more fashion brands cater to the specific needs of corporate women (e.g. travel. performance, efficiency), I have seen some exciting emerging brands creating a niche for themselves by proposing new shopping experience or engaging very well with their customers. Such brands  mentioned here before - include among others -  MM. Lafleur, The Fold London,  Daiwear, Finery London, Kitri Studio or Rose&Willard
I believe that where these brands and their webshops are succeeding is in bringing up content that resonate well with their targeted customers who can easily identify with women that "sound" or "look" like them.

In fact looking back when I was a graduate, I remember wishing there was a place where I could find answers to my career questions to people with backgrounds similar to mine. Luckily once I started working I found role models (hello Sheryl Sandberg), and met great mentors and colleagues turned friends who provided me with the advice I was seeking and so desperately needed.

Over time I have enjoyed connecting with like minded women or simply reading stories of successful career ladies from various backgrounds yet who all have faced common challenges of leaning in, juggling family life with work travels,  staying fit despite a demanding career or in the process of finding their purpose through their own ventures. Not only these reads provide great inspiration but they also offer diverse perspective for my own career and life ambitions.

With this in mind, I am very happy to share my  most loved inspiration sources for working ladies like you and me.

1. Blogs - No doubt my Top 4 include  The Life Style Edit ; The Everygirl; AtelierDore and the greatest for founders/entrepreneurs stories HowSheDidIt

2. Brands website stories - As eluded before, I absolutely love stories on the Fold Woman; as well as on Nigeria's based store Femme by Yele

3. Mainstream media-  It certainly feels great to see mainstream media developing more content for corporate women beyond the traditional  fashion/design arena. Harper Bazaar's Work it out  is slowly becoming my favourite.

4. Podcasts - Last but not least I recently discovered podcasts series which are fantastic to listen to on the commute to/from work. From the Broad Experience  to the brilliant Working Woman Entrepreneur and in the same vein, from the author of "The Little Black Book" Othegha Awagba - WomanWho

Hope this will be useful.  Looking ahead I hope to share more about my very own (humble) experience; but most importantly I 'd love to hear from you so please free to share any other sources or career tips you may have in the comments below.

Let's start the conversation!

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