Winter tales - my 3 winter saviours

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Coucou all,  and welcome back to SammyFaces!

Soooooo I never expected it....

Waking up to see on my screen -4°C  with temperatures oscillating between low -8° to High -2°C on the day. The cold truth hit me. Welcome to serious winterland!

As someone who is not genetically programmed, nor prepared for subzero weather, the recent freezing temperatures coupled with the "windiest" wind would have normally left me a) begging for mercy  b) on a hibernated sick leave  c) falling apart from dry skin, back and neck pain, cold hands, repeated flu, you name it  d) all of the above.

But surprisingly few weeks have passed and here I am, half a smile on my face and I'm still standing (open interlude. Start dancing and singing  "I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah*"  Gosh I love this song. I digress. End interlude)

So leaving aside the usual advice of flu shots (**never ever again), layering and more layering (wait ever heard of layering gloves with these too?), I am happy to share the Top 3 things that helped me skip the flu and survive the winter so far.

Winter saviours I tell you. Ready?

1.Gibaud thermal wool belt

I know you probably thinking WTF?!? this sounds and looks like a granny orthopaedics belt. Well yes it is but beside keeping my fragile back in check (story for another day) it also keeps me warm AF (look I just said the F word twice in the same sentence, I am THAT excited?!?).
Beside, for those still on a post holiday diet I'm pretty sure it can double as waist trainer or help with portion control if you take it one or two sizes smaller. Miracle I tell you!

Aren't these just cuuuute? Options here,  here  or here

2. Vitamins C and D
Yep with reduced day light during winter season, increasing your intake in vitamins C and D through food and/or supplements can only do your body good. I started just before Christmas (Team Berocca here but any brand works I guess). And whilst I have yet to try light therapy / luminotherapy, I am officially hooked on Vitamin C tablets. One tablet a day keeps the flu away, and my energy is baaaaangiiing.  Thank me later for this!

3. Heavy Duty coats

Of course a winter post is not complete without a coat or two! See I thought I had plenty of coats but quickly came to the realization that none of them could do the job for the foolery that is winter in Switzerland. So at the very last minute I took the opportunity of a colleague's work trip to get a duvet/parka coat from the now ubiquitous Canada Goose  brand (attractive price in CAD I may add). I went for this style which does the job perfectly, in the sense that one can probably wear nothing but the aforementioned wool belt with this coat and would still be warm if one is crazy yet daring....
And whilst I'm very happy with it, I probably would've considered the below options with more time on my hand:
    a. A 100% wool coat or with the highest content of wool, angora, cashmere, or Apalca (that fluffy warmth)  
    b. A Duvet / Padded/ Down coat
    c. A Shearling coat

Below a selection of coats that I LOOOVE and some of them are even on sale YAAAY!!!

From top,  (l) to (r)
SandroParis x2 , Woolrich, Ted Baker
Gerard Darel x 2, Maxmara, Maxmara
COS, Puffa Moncler, Joseph

Soooo now I would love to hear - how do you stay warm and well this winter?

Till next time


*  Elton John. Born in the 80s. No judgement.
**Years ago I tried a flu shot and let's just say I almost thought I would die because of the WORST FLU of my life


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