Up Close and Personal: Meet Everyone Favourite's Photographer B.G




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Coucou all and welcome back to SammyFaces.

As promised, today I’m bringing to you yet another Up Close and Personal with a dear university friend of mine. His name is B.G. as in the famous band (Bee-Gees duh!) or add an “I” in between and BAM!!!

You get Mr. BIG!*

Follow me now? 

*Looks around with satisfaction*

Now that I have your utmost undivided attention :-) let me tell you this.

Bertrand -or Bert pour les intimes- is not only the sweetest French guy living in Geneva that I know but He's also:
a) An avid traveller [this is probably an understatement ]
b) A Photographer Extraordinaire [see above and below for more pics - all his except for top 2 portraits]
c) Smart, Tall, bla bla blah

Actually he's all THAT and more.
So with no further due let me hand it over to Bert for his all-you-need-to-know-about-me time.

Y'all know the deal. Straight from his mouth with silly comments from me in between ^_^

Q1: Current inspirations
Skiing landscapes in the Alps – that's the whole point of living in Geneva!

Well, at least when I'm there, i.e. not travelling, and when it's not -20 degrees plus wind...
Also all the pics from my travels over the past 3-4 years ie a huge backlog of roughly 5,000 of unprocessed shots. Talking of which, I’m currently going through the laborious task of reviewing them. Time has come to sort, delete or edit - and eventually publish. Oh and I’m also preparing for my next holiday trip - guess where… ;-)

Q2: You would never go a week without?
A rotating selection of my favourite music and books - reading in progress.
Today I've got some Angélique Kidjo (huh!), Sophie Hunger and classical Chopin for the musical part, along with Chinua Achebe's “Arrow of God” and Dawkins' “Blind Watchmaker”.
This list is most likely about to blow up at any time as I’m constantly getting my hands on new stuff.

Q3: Ideal woman?
Mmmhhh... I'm not sure what ideal means, but I’ll try anyway...
I'm most attracted to women with contrasting features - independent yet caring and affectionate, crazy girls who’d dream big with me yet able to bring me back to reality. Someone who’s somehow my opposite in personality yet shares common interests.
Also I like being with someone with a strong appetite to Live and readiness to enjoy moments of happiness; someone who can appreciate life’s simple pleasures but has equal strength and ability to cope with the hard times.

In a nutshell I just love people who are authentic. After all life's too short to pretend being someone else!

 [*Sigh* Easy right?  >>insert raised eyebrow V_V
*Scratching head*  Anyhow, I still have faith. C’mon ladies don’t be shy, send me your…ahem… applications and I promise to pass it along. As is. No photoshop. lol]

Q4: Favourite place(s) you've been to in all your travels?
Every country I've visited in Africa somehow enlightened me with its part of beauty, mystery and grace.
But I must say Madagascar is by far my favourite for a couple of reasons. First it's a paradise for photographers, although the only time I was there I missed almost all my shots :-(


[*rolling eyes* yeah right. Dude is playing humble  :-p]

Secondly, and most importantly it is a very special place, a perfect blend of African and Indian cultures. There I met amazing and authentic people who smile from within and give you a feeling that no matter how hard life is, it's still filled with incredible beauty and is definitely worth living.

[ha! Give us the juice. Where is She now? Lol]

Elsewhere for landscapes and wildlife I'd go back to Namibia and Botswana anyday and I really had great experiences in Nigeria, though it's not known to be an easy place to navigate around...
In fact I have very fond memories of West Africa and it definitely has a special place in my heart.


Q5: Favourite spot in Geneva and Paris
In Geneva, that definitely has to be Mortimer, where they serve the BEST chocolate cakes on Earth. I mean, on Planet EARTH!!! Ever. Like EVER :)
In Paris, I loved many places while I was there but I used to go back near where I lived. I’m very nostalgic of my student life too J so a bar on the Butte-aux-Cailles street in the 13th district always did it for me.


That’s it for today folks!
Hope you enjoyed reading Bert as much as I did.

Now if after this you don’t feel the strong urge to either i) head first to Geneva to try THE CAKE and ii) hop on the next plane to somewhere warm then you MUST scroll back and read again.

That is all.

Till next time,
* No I'm not referring to the rapper but to the other and Only "One" Mr BIG. See better now?
(c) Copyright Pictures. Courtesy of Photography by BG



  1. wow. Stunning pictures! what a lovely talent your friend has. isn't he more than a friend though :-) ?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my dear. He's a friend :-)

  3. Its confirmed: Fabulous attracts Fabulous.

    The pictures, just wow - speechless. Wanna to to Madagascar and ... and all the other places.

    1. I know those pictures are fantastic.... you should check his FB page for more. (link under the notes)

  4. He has some stunning pictures indeed, and seems to be a nice guy :), we want more male "up close and personal" in the future :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by my dear :-)
      I ain't got no candyshop but will try to see what I can do ;-)