A timely reminder: On finding myself somewhere in between...


Who: Me myself and I

Where: Yvoire, somewhere between France and Switzerland

What: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. 

Why: After moving from London, UK to Geneva Switzerland (!!!), I am still adjusting to my new life (and new job) one day at a time.
Just like entering a new book chapter, I do turn back sometimes to reread some old pages that brought me lots of joy  and that helps me get back into the story flow again, like a sweet reminder of where I'm heading next.  
I know it's only a matter of a "few pages" until I shall find my new balance again.
Meanwhile I  enjoy the journey, that is every second spent with the one that makes my heart sing "Happy"....

till next time


ps: I previously posted this picture 2 years ago whilst I was still living in London. Time surely flies 


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