Zara - Spring 2014 favourites


And my ultimate favourite - BEST Save vs. Splurge moment

YES this jacket. or rather THE BEST high street version of the Chanel jacket that kept Cate Blanchett  on my mind months after I watched Blue Jasmine

Needless to say my heart skipped a beat when I saw this jacket for £70 at Zara vs £3,000+ for the Chanel version, and with the validation of my smile reflection in the mirror, I needed no further convincing to bag it.

 I'm all for quality over quantity this year but I can't lie...Zara has been on a winning streak for me over the past two seasons and although it's hard to stick to my closet resolutions I LOVE finding those no-brainer additions at a wallet friendly price.

So whatcha say? yay to Zara or... nay to Zara?

till next time



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