Say what? One night only: London Fashion Night out...


Who: My friend Diana and me

Where: New Bond Street & Bruton Street, London

What: London FNO 08-09-11 ie failed attempt* to make people buy more things they don't need
What bis: "One night only" by Jennifer Hudson

Why: Just because
i) You don't often get to eat free (^_^) canapes and drink free (^_^) champagne and mojitos at Louis Vuitton, DVF, Tod's or Dior until late
ii) Randomly running into beautifully dressed people, bloggers and designers is good for the soul
iii) AND last but not least for that free (^_^) super cool Marc Jacobs goodie bag

Thanks God it's Friday.
Wishing you all a great weekend!

Till next time


* I won't lie, I jumped in that trap with my 2 legs in- thankfully the hole was not too deep and I only spent just a little bit of money ^_^ - all in all it was worth it - at least for one night only



  1. i like what you said about an attempt to make people buy more stuff that they do not need.

    however having said that, think of all those jobs that depend on people spending money on fashion.

  2. @ Wida, thanks for stopping by. FNO in London was great!! really enjoyed the dress-to-impress yet light spirit vibe...btw love your blog!

    @Nyanzi: many thanks for your comment. and I LOVE your pictures!!! Very talented at snapping moments instead of people.

    Btw totally agree many jobs depend on fashion. I was referring to the FNO concept itself. Do you agree that the fact that most stores stayed opened until late does not increase consumption nor create long-term jobs per say?

    For what I've seen/read in most cases it triggers an earlier purchase that someone would have bought anyway...Looking forward to hearing your perspective.