In the mood for - summer dresses!

Coucouuuuu all

And welcome back to SammyFaces!

Dresses really are my goto clothing when comes summer , that is when it's really hot and not raining and cold (ahem ahem...British summer anyone?)

So from casual to occasion wear (hello wedding season), please find here under a selection of my favorite picks which include anything with lace, more lace, cold-shoulder, more cold shoulder, silk, more silk and anything flowy air breathing, sweat minimizing kinda dresses ;-)
And for those of you who follow my IG page , hopefully you will even recognize a few that I recently wore!

Btw did I mention some of them are still available on sale !
Say whaaaaaaaaat? now go ahead and clicky clicky all links below....and thank me later!

until nest time


From top by colour , left to right

White Flower dress ; White lace dress;  Boho dressWhite dress; Jcrew short dress; long AQAQ
Baby blue: lace dress; Asos lace dress; long baby blue dress; Jcrew babyblue dress; AQAQ
Black/Navy blue: M&S collar dress; deep V black dress; navy blue flowy dress; short blue dress; Long wedding dress
Tutti frutti: midi parrot dress; short dress; midi dress; AQAQ; M&S; KMillen
Orange/Reds:  AQAQ dress;  lace dress; Red dress ; Lace dress; YAS red dress


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