Fun things

Random bits that got me going this week...

1. Hollywood meets the White House

Caption this!
Michelle to Travolta Jimmy Kimmel: “Wow. Your face looks...tight good man! You got a new make up artist or something? [wink then smile]”
Jimmy to Michelle: “Yeah...euhmm...She does that too. I'll give you the details later"

2. Soul-lifting goodies

From fresh flowers to impromptu home-made dinner

3. Interior Design by Julie Kouamo

Just because...I just want to buy everything this young lady does.
oh and she's also from Cameroon. Hi5! :-D

4. Robot hookers!

Read source>>>
Last but not least...I'm still undecided if I ever want to hear/read someone got cheated on by their partner with...a robot...[shaking heads]
Wait...would that still even count as cheating? or just playing with toys? V_V
 Whatcha ssay?

Till next time



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