Those hips don't lie...


Hi y'all and welcome back to Sammyfaces
Sunday eye candy here with the ridiculously beautiful US actress Jessica Biel.

No wonder why this lady has been consistently voted among the Top 25 most beautiful women in the world.
I mean that body just don't lie.

In fact it makes me wanna speak up and tell you a truth or two:

1- One. Somebody please punch slap Justin for ever thinking he could do better. *Sigh*
Alright...maybe just a finger would do for the man has got back to his senses and finally proposed...yayyyyyy!!! So Congrats to you J&J!!! You are one fine couple for sure

2- Two. Whoever still thinks Pippa Middleton has a bum needs to go sit down in a corner and think again.

That is all

till next time



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