2012 Golden Globes: The Great, The Good, The Ugly...


I know you've already read it a thousands times this week but here it is:

Your 1,001st post on the 2012 Golden Globes Best dressed list. After all, everyone should be entitled to their own list, for opinions and colours are simply not arguable. yadi yada...

hmmm.... but wait. "Girl, ever heard of Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga?"

ok scrap that bs.

Opinions and Colours are (sometimes) arguable so before I dwelve into it, please allow me to add a tiny disclaimer:

The truth I am usually not a va-va-voom kinda person. Period. well unless it's a Valentino vavavoom bag. In fact most times I can barely tolerate excess. well unless it's a bride and at her wedding she can do whatever she wants.
ok. let's just say, you know, I'm just kinda, you know, leaning towards sleek and beautiful looks.
Y'all know whatamean? cause ya know, at the enda da day evryone is a winner, ya know whatam siyiiin?

ok. Clearly I'm having a moment. Tough day at work.
so please disregard my failed NY accent and with no further due greet my winning squad.

1. The Great.
Girls who did great and sliced it with a pinch of Swagger.
Kinda like a Creme-de-la-Creme AAA rating. Just Like the US....
10 years ago.

2. The Good.
Girls who did Good but not Great.
Kinda like a BBB+ rating if you see what I mean. Still Investment Grade (ie rating prestige) but without that je-ne-sais-quoi.


 3. The Ugly.
Finally Girls who did...
Sorry I don't know what they did. All I know is they missed their target.
And in this time of endless S&P downgrades, I can only give them a D rating.  D for Default as in Goodluck to get out of this mess!

Allrighty clearly I diverged a bit. Hopefully we pro-Euros will survive, I mean they will survive all this. After all there are worse things in the world. ain't it?


So whatcha say?

Who is your fave best dressed?
Who do you think I missed BIG time?
What do you think of what I think?

hmmm... Wait. "Dude the € fell to 1.27 to the $ today. Who cares about your silly chiffons and dresses?"

Me. I still care.


Wait. 1 € = 1.27 $? WTF?


Ladies, Fellas, please please pleaaaaaaaase tell me you still care...

ok. I take it you still do and should you want to see more chiffons, from Charlize Theron to Mary J B , from Angie to Madonna via Fredia Pinto, clicky clicky here  >>>  or there >>>

till next time


PS: In case you actually do care about who the GG winners are, then you must have read this already
PPS: Big congrats to Jean Dujardin (The Artist),  Octavia Spencer (The Help) and Idris Elba (!!!!) for snatching them awards. Gotta love them

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