Remember New York, before Irene...


ok. You're probably sick of hearing Irene this, Irene that.  Well so am I!!!

I don't know what bothers me most, the constant news repeat or the fact that everyone is taking this so seriously locking themselves up on my VERY LAST days in NY (or maybe not the last if I'm not allowed to take off tomorrow Sunday night).

Why Irene, why??? (*insert fake baby sobbing*)

Well at least she got something good out of me. Fact is after a few months here in NY and a 2-week vacation in Mexico, I'm finally heading back to London, UK tomorrow (or not) so I couldn't help reflecting back on this past summer.
All I could see was great memories with great people coupled with a rush of feelings of all sorts.
Hence in an attempt to push away the excitement / panic feeling which is creeping, I had to write these thoughts down so I can remember these days forever.

What a great summer it has been...
So sad it's ending with Irene...
(a rhyme is a rhyme, don't judge!)

till next time


PS: Seen and heard it yesterday- A girl starts screaming around and tells her bf how pissed she is after unsuccessfully trying to hail a cab. Then one "offduty" taxi stops at the red light and she yells at him and tries to force herself in. The cab driver yells back:  "Irene is that you?" then drives away... hahaha Everybody including her bf started laughing 


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