When Love takes over...

Last month I had the humongous pleasure and honour to attend the wedding of my prepschool* best friend Anne (Nanou or Nanane pour les intimes**).

Oh boy.... Where do I start? 

Well I will dare to say this wedding was by far one of the best I've ever been to date:

From the divinely beautiful bride - Grace Kelly lookalike -, the scrumptious and funny groom, the church choir, the genuinely kind and emotional movies that her parents, in-laws and uni friends put together, to the pleasant surprise I got when seeing a cute picture of myself - was never asked to send one - on my assigned seat, the food, the location, the bubbles we made instead of throwing the rice when they exited the church,  the music, the weather, the guests, the brunch the following day...*sigh*

[pause to catch my breadth ... ]

[...and sip tea...]

Oh my...Everything was just PERrrrrrFECT!!!

So perfect that you end up believing that Love must be Life or vice versa as you fully immerse in their world, smiling when they smile and tearing up when their parents cry, slightly overwhelmed by the emotion.

The love those two birds share for one another and shared with us was so beautiful it simply shun throughout their day and generously spread all over us in attendance.

And when I finally came home, fully recharged from such an amazing weekend, I realised how quick I forgot about my own doubts, worries about finding a new place, and other insecurities and just couldn't wait to continue my own pursuit of happiness...and dream of the day when you and I would sing "We found love" and more...

Now I know you are all dying (ok maybe just wondering) to know how I was dressed ;-) but alas my camera decided to drop a bomb on me since Mexico (I blame it on the white beach sand & crystal blue ocean combo) and I've had little time to buy a new one in the past hectic months I've been through. [though secretly hoping I can still resuscitate it] so I relied on the other guests to send me my pics and I waited, and waited ...

...and waited...

---and waited...

and finally got a few ones in a tiny teeny resolution.

Anywho I thought they'd do for now.

So the guest (myself) wore a blue and white maxi dress by Armani Xchange, completed with saphire earrings I got in India and simple silver Ferragamo pumps which complemented well my silver belt by Accessories.

Below the small pictures I was able to get - might update more soon with better quality ones so come baaaaaack!!!

Til next time


- SFab

* Poor translation of the French "classes preparatoires" - we suffered side by side during 2 gruelling years preparing our entry into the French "grandes ecoles"- Ivy league universities equivalent (what do you mean you didn't know I studied in France? well now you do)

** I have known Anne for 11 years now (V_V) and although we gave her several nicknames overtime, somehow Nanane and Nanou stayed, kindly supported by her amazing parents and brothers...Such a fab family I tell you!


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