Love & happiness: A childhood nostalgia...


Waking up on a cold yet sunny Wednesday here in London, all I can think of are warm childhood memories and vintage pictures.

I know my sisters will surely hate me for this but I love them for that and more. Actually I love them for just about everything and surely more than anything.

From the natural poser (Tifany) to the one with never ending legs (Fabiola), and the mischieveous and creative one I always look up to (Carmen), you just gotta love them...

From l to r my cousin Chris, cousin Claude, little sis Tifany (small one) and lil sis Fabiola.

From l to r - Sammy Sam (me!!!) with my big sis Carmen.

Yes I know I looked quite different back then. My dad even once told me I was one of those cameleons with an ever changing face as I grew up, looking a bit like him when I was little and now looking only like my mum. lol. My big sis in the other hand is still the same (features wise) for even her nursery friends would recognize her today!

Also even if my mum was one of those inspired trendy women as far as our names are concerned*, she was everything but trendy as far as dressing us O_O. In fact, she would only buy those preppy big-collar dresses (albeit now very much in fashion and we had to wear those until she finally decided it was time to let the very critical age of 10 years old!!


Truth is back then I hated it and was dying to wear the cool stuff. However I must now admit I love the conservative yet adorable look it gave us and no doubt I will probably dress my daughter(s) the same way... if I ever get there...
[rolling eyes]
[Talking to myself: Sam let's keep it for another post - shall we?]

Till next time



*For most of my young days and up to this date, extended family members would consult my mum and ask for suggestions for their babies names. Most of the time she was spot on but she would also get ...ahem...wild at times, which they surprisingly all loved. lol.


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