Shopper in disguise...

Coucou y'all

Hope you all had a good time this past weekend.
For those of you in the US, Happy belated 4th of July!!! I hope you were able to spend a nice Independence Day with your family and friends.

As far as I'm concerned I certainly did spend it nicely here in NY for there isn't a July 4th celebration  without a big sale ;-).

Starting off the day at Bloomingdales on 59th st & Lexington ave and finishing on a Greyhound bus back from Woodbury Common outlets.  O_O
yes I did go serial!

Oh well... I guess somebody has to help save this economy...[wink]
65$ Prada key chain? 150$ Zanotti peep toes? Tory B flats to replace my old ones ? yup i take them all*! I mean even Barack would hi5 on this one ;-)

I'm still not sure how I managed to resist the 60% off a beautiful Chloe bag but a quick glance at my watch and I was on a run to catch the bus back to the city.
Pheeeeww...Save by the gong!

Clearly Kanye was right - some of us are addicted to retail** but after all, like the Frenchies say "La vie n'est pas ce qu'on pense mais ce qu'on depense"***
Thankfully I was able to come back right on time to catch a glimpse of the fireworks  ^_^

oh man what a beautiful day I spent...

Til next time... Love,
-Sammy Fab

* Pics to come soon
** When it all falls down by Kanye West
*** French proverb -  Life is not only what you think but how you spend it


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