Say what? Happy


Who: Yours truly

Where: London Vogue Festival (pics to come)

What: Happy by the one and only Pharell Williams*

Why: Having a blast at the Vogue Festival. so much fun with my girl Crista listening to Celine's designer Phoebe Philo, spotting Valentino Garavani, my homonym Samantha Cameron and a plethore of fabulous fashionistas.
Why bis: I'm now off south for Easter break ! #fullyellowsun #familytime #countingmyblessings #TimeforAfrica

And for all that I'm so so so happy!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and safe travels for those on the move.

till next time


* Here's to my fave colourful Happy videos thus far 237 (Cameroon), 225 (Ivory Coast), 221 (Senegal)


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