In the mood for LV....


Looky looky who's back?
Remember this story about changes... yadi yada
Well good chaos change is still very much ongoing but just like an LV without Marc Jacobs, the show must go on.

Now back to more pressing subjects at heart - How are you feeling about the new LV ad featuring the fabulous Michelle Williams?  Doesn't she make you wanna* take the plunge? I mean seriously ....

[insert any Real Housewives of Atlanta head shaking**]
Your girl is about this close to have a conversation first with them scissors then with her special ---ahem ahem---coughing ---  bag savings account!
 What do you mean y'all don't have one?
[rolling eyes]**

Well let me tell you sumthing, thats called a husband or a bagdaddy or ...

Allright let me stop here before I get some patrol on my back. that was just me fooling around. ok? Just kidding!

I still like that bag though - Question is does it make you feel like buying LV again? Can't wait to see what the recent changes - of designer and CEO- will bring to the brand.

till next time


* having an Usher "She make me wanna" song moment as of late - please don't judge...
** Didn't I say I'm back? hope you are ready...


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  1. Calling all designers to STOP designing bags. NOW. please...