Up Close and Personal: Meet Superwoman Nina....


Coucou all and welcome back to sammyfaces!

Today's note is on someone very dear to my heart: please allow me to introduce a childhood friend of mine and birthday girl Nina.

Nina is not only a gorgeous person inside out but she's also the most amazing childhood friend I ever had.
A successful career woman who recently moved from France to Malawi (!) and the mother of my beautiful goddaughter,  with whom I share those "Brandy" eyes and more.

As I  sat down to write this and looked back into old memories I cherish with her, I came to realize I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had never known her as she acted invariably as a best friend, a sister, a life coach and teacher on anything related to ahem ahem... men lol

So with no further due, here's to you Nina, my all-you-must-know-but-I-never-dared-to-tell-you, 4 random thoughts at a time.

Q1: Most cherished memory
Too many but I will never forget our prep school days, first timer away from home, discovering Love and Life in Paris. We would spend hours trying to picture ourselves in the "future" 10 years later. Oh my...How naive were we! I also remember the one time we spent the day talking, shopping, gossiping and running to get back in time to the "internat" where I fell sick from eating too much. lol. That day I came to realize she could also be a mother as she would take so good care of me. 

Q2: What I never told her
I never told her how bad I feel now for ever thinking I would suddenly be less of a friend when she was expecting. I felt useless in comparison to her other pregnant friends, that I was jealous of, for they were sharing something I could not share nor understand.
In hindsight, I was upset this was not the picture I had of us going through various life changes at the same time from marriage to motherhood. I felt I was left behind. Worse I felt as if I was late for our train in which she had jumped in without waiting for, nor looking back at me. 
Then her daughter Maelys came, and ever since I have loved her as if she were mine. I've also understood I could just take the next train and would find Nina waiving at me at the next stop. Better she'd have already figured out part of the next journey for both of us. 

Q3: Favourite quote of Nina
"You are Me, I am You and we are into this together" 
Need I say more?

Q4: What I wish I could tell her now
Nina If I were a man you'd be my wife and I can't wait for our next 10 years together.
You deserve the best and no it's not only because it's your significant birthday but it's because there is not a single day I do not think of you.  I wish I could be with you right now to celebrate this important milestone in your life. In our lives...


Love you more

till next time



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