Love & Happiness: When in May...


the French say: En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait
I say:  When in May, do as your heart say...

Say hello to a stranger, dance in the street, own your life, eat a slice of pizza, sing your heart out, take a morning bath, eat frozen yoghurt, jump on your sofa, tell her/tell him I love you, stay late in bed, go somewhere you've never been, learn something new, read a new book, read some more, let go of your doubts and fears, be kinder to yourself, do a juice cleanse,  kiss like you never did before, learn how to cook, call friends and tell them a secret, sleep 10 hours, take a yoga class, clean your closet, pause and breathe, eat strawberries, smile from within, have a cold soup, drink sangria, run as quick as you can, be your own best friend, dream big,  laugh out loud, have a massage...with happy ending...


tll next time



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