Oscars 2012: The Great, The Good and The Ugly...


Coucou all and welcome back to SammyFaces

After a deluge of insisting requests - ok may just a couple :-) - well Auntie Rating S&F is back!
This time she's only 3 weeks late but hey better be late than wrong by a few trillions so who are we to judge what she gets so busy with?

(**rolling eyes**)

Besides, there's always something sweet about looking back, in a pure  "Remember the time" moment...

Alright. Back to the subject at heart.
Since I had already drafted this some time ago I thought I might as well post it and give you guys and gals my 2 cents on the dresses and chiffons that really went down at the Oscars and After Party.>>>

Y'all know the deal, Auntie Sam ain't too serious about this stuff.
 "Coz it ain't about wainning ya know? as long as y'all brave enuff to participate!"

Well kinda... for we know sometimes being brave doesn't pay... but with no further due please meet and  greet my winning squad.

1. The Great.
Our Great Girls. Creme-de-la-Creme AAA rating who can consistently serve us the dream in a very nice package. Just Like Germany... but in a...errr...you know...funnier way ;-D 
2. The Good.
Our Good Girls. BBB+ rating just a few notches away from the Top.
 3. The Ugly.
Our Girls who...could have stayed home and not join the party tried hard but...no one else understood them. 
Just like the Greeks, and the Irish, and the Portuguese and ....errr....pause to catch my breadth...and the Spaniards*?
Good Lord please come and help us. I mean them. I mean us. I mean them. I mean...

Clearly I'm just as confused as you are in all this Euro crisis theme especially after what seems to be like the 1,000th Greece bailout. So for now I opt out and simply hope for the best. 
After all there are still worse things going on in the world** ain't it ?

So whatcha say?

Who is your fave best dressed?
Who do you think I missed BIG time?
What do you think of what I think?

Oh and of course should you want to see more chiffons, please kindly clicky clicky here  >>> or here >>>

Thanks y'all so much for reading and even bigger THANKS to those who take the time to comment. 
It means a lot to me. (No I'm not crying...promise...)
Love y'all

till next time


* It's all for kidding folks, financial crisis or not I love you all!!!!
** Am I the only one who needs a break from all the recent (sad) news? from France's terrorist attacks and dodgy political practices, Trayvon Martin case in the US, students car crash in Switzerland to political unrest in Mali, Sudan, Syria and on and on... [shaking heads with hands on my ears]...I just can't anymore...I just can't

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  1. Love the entry ;-)

    Well, Michelle Williams was left out from the benchmark. Compared to her peers the dress was OK.
    And Mrs Streep - just because she's FABFABFAB whatever she wears.
    And Natalie Portman - should be added to the D list.


    1. Crista!!!! I did have Michelle not sure how her pic fell through in this process. Anywho. LOL @ portman to be added to the D list :-) cheers, S