Up Close and Personal: Rolling in the deep...


Or getting to know the real Sammy Sam (flaws and all*) with a song and 5 questions at a time ....
So what's that all about?

Now let's get into it. Hope you are ready.

Q1/ So. Who is behind SammyFaces again? in 20sec please!!!!
*clears throat*
Coucou. My name is Samantha aka Sam or Samijo pour les intimes, "editor-at-large" of Sammyfaces.blogspot.com. LOL. I'm a young lady in her 20s who is at times shy, at times fun and most times a big dreamer. A worldwide citizen as in....born in Douala, Cameroon; studied in Paris, France and short lived in NY, USA and Barcelona, Spain. Currently living in London, UK and daydreaming of discovering the world one beautiful place at a time >>>.
A Fashion lover and undeniably a bag addict who loves everything that's chic and sleek.

Q2/ Most valuable possession
First and foremost my mum. My family. My friends. if I may call them a possession.
I just hope they stay around forever...
oh and my Hermes bags too... ;-)

Q3/ Ideal man
The perfect blend of Prince William meets Barack Obama and Will Smith. ^_^
Romantic, Smart, Elegant Gentleman and Fun. The one who'd know what I need before I even thought I wanted it.
*sigh* and...."Cut!"
ok let me put my 1001st harlequin book/ romcom movie aside and get back to reality. 
I know what you thinking. Poor girl will wait a long time... but doesn't a  French proverb** say that "Great things come to those who can wait"?

Q4/ Would never go a week without?
Music. Fastest medecine and remedy for happiness.
Puts me on my feet every morning,  comfort me when I'm down and always get me back on track, a smile on my face.

Q5/ Favorite place in London
My bed. 
No wonder I'm always eager to go back :-)

Talking of bed. Time to call it a night. 
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, snow or sun and all.

Stay tuned for more upcoming stylish profiles of my beloved ones.

till next time

Yours truly


* As you can see on my first pic. Clearly it was a bad day then but I hardly cared at the time for my heart was filled with joy. Lalala lalala lalala
** Small disclaimer: By French proverb I sometimes mean a real French proverb or a Cameroonian one. or maybe one my mum or I came up with. Regardless of the source, it will always be a reality :-) 


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