Badboy 2.0


Hello dearest,

Hope you had a great weekend.

Sunday eye candy here with French All-in-one humorist/actor/theater director/writer enfant prodige Nicolas Bedos.

Yes the son of ... but also the desired object of our time: the new Nerd! aka the VI* man who turns your life into this:

a) You find the perfect recipe of the 30-something charming man, a bit smart, a bit cute, a bit sensitive, a bit funny and with an edge of badboyness... and the boy has plenty!

b)...Plenty enough to turn you into the hopeless stalker you never knew you were, firmly believing you'd be the last one to make him tip from womaniser to retired badboy in love...

c)....until you finally wake up to find out they won't change and never will... for as long as their guru Clooney lives V_V

(>>Now insert endless sobbing sessions with your girls<<)

Oh and in case you wonder: No this is not about let me stop the ranting and get back to my favourite activity: the stalking...

till next time


* VI = "Vendeur d'Illusions" = the Illusionist. Think Di Caprio and co...ya know whata mean?


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