Love & Happiness: Spotting the potential...

Dear Nia Long,

You are one smart woman for not getting fooled by this picture of basketball player Ime Udoka!

In fact, while we were yawning on the boy, the 40-year old actress locked him up and is now expecting their child (aha!)

Look at them now...

Two words: Simply Stunning!!

oh and did I mention he's only 7 years younger than her...?

So now you can either go and start fishing around your nearest high school :-) OR next time give that man a second glance before you quickly judge and/or turn him down...and no that doesn't mean trying to get him back  after he found himself a good woman who saw in him the potential...

till next time - Le mari d'autrui est sucre*



* Alas women often find men more attractive in another woman's arms ;-)


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