SATC: 3rd time the charm?

As a lifetime fan, it is my duty and pleasure to report that after lot of speculations going around about a prequel, it has been confirmed there will be a 3rd Sex And The City movie and more >>>

OK it's Dailymail news (don't judge!) but hey...every little helps*

So are you guys ready?

And yes I'm a true 50% Carrie 50% Miranda for those of you wondering

Till next time

- S

* I just like throwing this sentence everywhere and anywhere these days - whether it makes sense or not - so just bear with me with that one ^_^



  1. I must say I didn't know there had already been two, but I suppose that's okay since I'm male. I will say that I always thought the brunette was smoking hot.

  2. hello dear, welcome and thanks for your comment! Charlotte is beyond hot ! A timeless beauty for sure...
    Well in case you have time to kill, you need to get your hands around the 1st movie AND at the 1st season of the series... though it might not get addictive for you :-) it will surely be entertaining.

  3. It scares the shit out of me, because with every new sequel there is a chance of spoiling the "happily ever after" credo that I have.

    Re the 50% / 50% mix, yes darling, I’m the same cocktail! ;-)

  4. Cristina you are officially my twin sister from another mommy...euh and daddy too. lol. oh and baby don't be scared...Sam will be there to watch it with you ;-)