Save vs. Splurge

Hellloooooo* all

Welcome back to Sammyfaces!
Is it me or suddenly there are Spring Sales everywhere calling my name?
The below are a few things I've been thinking over lately.

Celine vs. Jaeger UK

Picture this shirt over blue denim, white bottoms or simply thrown over a white swimsuit...aaaah....

Chloe vs. Zara 1

Chloe vs. Zara 2

Our friends at Zara must have taken a page out of Chloe's lookbook and made it their own...
Cute and affordable.
Louis Vuitton vs. Zara 3
Wait. they love LV too?

Alrighty. As you can guess by the title,  I currently consciously and uncounsciously prefer Save over Splurge especially for those items that are in the now and not so much timeless - well at least not in my book/closet.

So I'd say Zara 4 - Designer 2. Whatcha say?

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PS: * yep I'm in a Lionel Richie state of mind...
PPS: how I've missed my PS...
PPPS: this feeling when you know you should stop but keep going... awkward...
PPPPS: How y'all doooooing?


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