Remember the time - Sweet 25


Coucou all,

While cleaning my email box, I recently stumbled upon the invite I sent out for my 25th birthday party.

OMG !!!!

Those sweet (and blurry) memories still feel like yesterday: tears and joy, the private room dinner, the limo ride, the club, the laughters. What a great fun that was...

In fact what a great year that was...
Careless time with friends discussing endlessly about Life, Love and all that jazz.
Doubting about the future and enjoying Life like there was no tomorrow...
Lots of freedom; lots of questions; lots of dancing; lots of singing and certainly lots of laughing.

Looking back I realize I was in such a different place, state of mind that is. I cannot thank enough all the gals and guys who surrounded me, stood by me and "taught me life" back then [ok not so long ago].

There are days when spontaneity strikes back and I crave for those seize-the-moment days but overall I'm happy I wrote that chapter in my life and moved onto a more serene place. [Wait- Is that what they call growing up?]

Anywho below is the invitation - just in case it inspires a couple of you out there. Alas some of the pics  that night are not shareble...ok maybe...will see

Live, Laugh, Love






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