Up Close & Personal: Welcome to my crib..(3/3 )


Coucou all

And welcome back to Sammyfaces!

Today's Up Close and Personal puts an end to my silly series about my place.

You must have understood by now that I love my pad for it has witnessed a serious evolution over the past year from a blank canvas with white walls to a cosy home, reflexion of the multifaceted ME.

If you remember (what do you mean you don't?), I randomly found this one-bed appartment in a moment of utter despair, just one day before the end of my previous lease. *sigh*

The moment I walked in, the light through the windows and inside my head flashed at the same time.
I looked around and said to myself - big enough to takeall my stuff in  - well I had to make it work- and small enough to deter people from staying over ;-)

I knew I just had to have it.!!!!

Also the location was the first and final seal of approval given the short distance from just about everything! Parks (Holland Park, Kensington gardens), shops galore (High Street Ken, Westfield mall), convenience stores and last but not least, it is a short walk to the subway tube and the central line, the most reliable transport line in London.

Beside, how many people can claim they live a mere 5 minutes away from their embassy? Never mind that ours only opens once a week - every Friday from 11 to 11.30am. - in other words Rentre chez vous!  we do take immigration into our country very seriously.

Ha! who's laughing now :-p

Alright folks. This is it. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing :-)
After all, Home is indeed where your heart is...

Oh finally I couldn't do a proper series without showing you a before and after.



till next time



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