Up Close and Personal: Welcome to my crib (2/3)...

Coucou all

and welcome back to Sammyfaces!!

Following up from Episode I, today's Up Close & Personal will give you a few more insights into why I love my place 3 random thoughts at a time...

1. My place is a collection of where I've been
Small little things that I've gathered over time, following me through different travels, moves and stages in my life; Looking at those objects remind me how lucky I am for visiting those places and leave me uberly excited for what I've yet to discover.

2. My place is a reflection of who I am
Simple yet complicated,
Delicate yet strong
Proud yet humble,
Sometimes shy yet sometimes bold,
Warm at times; Cheerful most times...

3. My place is a witness of who I want to be
Confident and sharp,
Serene and graceful,
Happy ALL the time...

Alrightyy - That's enough deep talk for today.
Thank you so much for reading...and wish you all a great weekend.

Till next time.

Yours truly,



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