Necessary cuteness...


Sunday night eyecandy with US (yummy) actor Mehcad Brooks.
Take your time...I know you need another minute to have your thoughts back in place and remember his  name.

Back in business?

OK. As per usual please allow me to give you a few bits on the hotness that is Mehcad.

Where do I start? well he has played in.... a lot of drama series including True Blood, Dollhouse, Law & Order, and on and on etc...ok fine you can imdb him yourself....

Just thought at least y'all be interested to know he's currently playing in a new drama series called "Necessary Roughness"... just in case you want to watch him in action and understand why it must be hard for him to keep his shirt on ;-)

Anyway hope y'all had a great weekend and enjoyed/survived moving houses in the heatwave for those in London...

till next time



PS: your girl has found a new place - yayyyyyyy. Give me some time to make a few adjustments and I'll be back in business in no time. Let's keep it locked.


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