Willy, Willy le fou...*



Sunday night eyecandy with my birthday boy and "all-time Mcdreamy man favourite" Will Smith.
From the early days of French Prince til now, the funny, intelligent, talented AND scrumptious Will still has a special place in my heart...



oh yeah...Yes I know...being a man as fine as good wine, he is obviously married! (duuuh who doesn't know?)

But judging by this >>>, I think it's about time we remind his wife Jada there is a long queue of girls, ladies, mums and hell even grandmas (just trust me on that one!) who are patiently waiting in line to "Hitch" him up ;-)

Happy birthday Willy! You know at 43 you can still get it.

till next time


* It means "Willy the crazy", taken from a childhood game song we used to play back home. Someone please bring me back to that time of life...


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